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Learn OpenAI's Assistants API

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The course creator Guil Hernandez

with Guil Hernandez

Course level: Intermediate

Learn how to easily build powerful AI apps with knowledge retrieval and agent-capabilities by utilizing OpenAI's brand new Assistants API.

You'll learn

What is the Assistants API?

Creating Assistants

Assistant instructions

Threads and Messages

Using Tools

Uploading files for retrieval

Listing Messages

The Run lifecycle

Creating Runs

Retrieving Runs

You'll build

Movie Chatbot

The ReelRecs chatbot helps you find movies to watch using an underlying dataset.



Before taking this course, you should have a basic understanding of HTML, CSS, and JavaScript. Check out the courses below if you don't feel ready for this course yet.

Meet your teacher

The course creator

Guil Hernandez

Lifelong learner, enthusiastic about changing lives through tech. Enjoys water sports and exploring the South Florida waters. 🏄🏻‍♂️ ☀️

Why this course rocks

Join renowned Scrimba instructor Guil Hernandez in this fast-paced course on OpenAI's Assistants API, tailored to empower you with the skills to build advanced, interactive AI apps.

In it, you will build a movie chatbot that can access specific knowledge from an underlying dataset thanks to the Assistant API’s built-in retrieval technique.

You'll also get up-to-speed with the API’s four primitives: Assistants, Threads, Messages, and Runs.

The Assistants API is still in beta, but it has already proven to be a powerful tool that simplifies the process of building advanced AI apps.

By learning this API now, you’ll position yourself at the cutting edge of AI engineering, being capable of building AI apps much faster than the majority of web developers.

In today's world, where businesses of every scale are embracing AI, investing just 30 minutes in this course is guaranteed to pay off in your career, whether you're job hunting or simply looking to shine in your current role.