Building Reusable React

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The course creator Cassidy Williams

with Cassidy Williams

861 students enrolled

Course level: Advanced

This course teaches you to build a reusable and declarative React component library. It's perfect for developers who are looking to build a scalable design system for their team and product.

What's inside

This course contains 31 interactive screencasts

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Building Reusable React
31 lessons - 3 hours
1. Course Introduction
2. Fundamentals Part 1: Rendering and Props
3. Fundamentals Part 2: Custom Events and Props
4. Fundamentals Exercise: Badge Component
5. Controlled Components and Refs Part 1: Building an interactive form
6. Controlled Components and Refs Part 2: What does "controlled" mean?
7. Controlled Components and Refs Exercise 1: Character Counter Input
8. Controlled Components and Refs Part 3: State in Class vs Function components
9. Controlled Components and Refs Part 4: Implementing useState
10. Controlled Components and Refs Part 5: The useRef Hook
11. Controlled Components and Refs Part 6: Updating Refs with Side Effects
12. Controlled Components and Refs Part 7: Forwarding Refs
13. Controlled Components and Refs Exercise 2: Toggleable Form
14. Reducers Part 1: Why are they a part of React?
15. Reducers Part 2: How reducers work
16. Reducers Exercise 1: Expanding our reducer function
17. Reducers Part 3: The useReducer Hook
18. Reducers Part 4: useReducer vs useState
19. Reducers Part 5: Custom Hooks
20. Reducers Exercise 2: Character Sheet Application
21. Reducers Part 6: A Promise-based State Machine
22. Compound Components Part 1: A Single Data-Entry Point Component
23. Compound Components Part 2: Reordering Elements
24. Compound Components Exercise 1: Adding a disabled Property
25. Compound Components Part 3: Too many props!
26. Compound Components Part 4: What is a Compound Component?
27. Compound Components Part 5: Replacing Props with Compound Components
28. Compound Components Part 6: Sharing State with the Context API
29. Compound Components Exercise 2: Adding More Context
30. Compound Components Exercise 3: A Date Picker Compound Component
31. Course Conclusion

Meet your teacher

The course creator

Cassidy Williams

Making memes and dreams... and software

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Why this course rocks

If you’re looking to learn how to create a component library for your team using Javascript and React, you’re in the right place!

Build Reusable React will teach you enough controlled components, refs, reducers and compound components to get your custom library off the ground.

By the end, you’ll know how to build declarative, reusable components, ensuring your codebase adheres to the DRY (Do Not Repeat Yourself) principle.

On top of all that, this course is jam-packed with interactive challenges to stress-test your new knowledge and truly embed your learning, so you’ll become a truly effective React Developer in no time.

Your teacher is Cassidy Williams, a Principal Developer Experience Engineer at Netlify who has been teaching React both online and in person for several years, making her the perfect person to guide you through this learning experience.

So what are you waiting for? Enroll now and start building that library!

This course is also a part of our hugely popular Front-End Devloper Career Path.

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